Metalhead? Welcome to Baltics then!

We are possibly biggest Metal music promotion, PR, booking, event/tour organisation, tour management project in Baltics – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Our portfolio since 2012 has been wide – from Negură Bunget from Transylvania & Scarab from Egypt to local diamonds, such as Devilstone Open Air
♠We are perfectionists & always search for best from the Globe to present, but also we work our ass off to do all possibly perfect for you to shine brighter;
♠We care for METAL industry, not arrogant & technically sloppy rockstars…
Therefore, if we organise show, we give you 80% from ticket income, no matter how big or small you are – it will motivate you to cooperate & appreciate hard work of ppl involved in your band`s promotion.
♠Primarily, we are promoters (reviews, interviews, e.t.c), so when you ask us for just that extra service – booking/organisation – be patient, we`ll take care of our current projects, sudden deadlines, our representatives` bands, and we`ll get to you as soon…as your democratic riders will meet our proletariatic offer & exclusive attitude.
♠Our representatives` bands, local bands, bands we worked with & urgent requests served first!
♠Please, if it`s possible, contact us for shows/tours at least 4 months before desired date, but,of course,this industry is unpredictable, so contact us all in all, we`ll figure out something even given 2 days, had practice in that.
♠All is negotiable…
♠If you think that you`re the best and don`t wish to negotiate our offer, fuck off! We`re booked half a year ahead even without your star-sickened creation;
♠If you understand our requirements and support METAL industry too, welcome & send your offer to –
♠We are welcoming cooperation with professional METAL bands, record-distro-promo-labels, various websites & individual artists (designers, photographers, journalists…)
♠ If you have something to offer, ask or just discuss our industry –
Hailing to your ever-hungry Metal soul,
Baltic Metal Division guarantor and creator, Gaia:

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