Welcome to Baltic metal scene!

We are all in and out about touring and band promotion in Baltic countries.
Our portfolio since 2013 has been wide – from tours with Antagonist Zero from Finland to Negură Bunget from Transylvania to promotion of Scarab from Egypt & local diamonds, such as Devilstone Open Air

♠ Primarily, we are online promoters ( we do reviews, interviews e.t.c), then tour managers/organizers (scheduled tour management, booking, organisation) & separate event managers/organizers.
♠ If cooperation with band is successful, we promote band on our pages eternally (if force majeure doesn`t occur) for free.
♠ Our representatives` bands, local bands, bands we worked with & urgent requests are served first.
♠ Price for our help is individually tailored to every band we cooperate with & if payment is not possible, barter of services is negotiated.
♠ We want to be better & quicker, so we always search for new colleagues from around the world to cooperate with Baltic metal bands/labels & international bands/labels in Baltics.
♠ We always seek for more metal to spread, whether it`s band, label, or idea, join us and contact us here:
♠ www.facebook.com/BalticMetalDivision
Hailing to your ever-hungry metal soul,
ever-hungry metalheads at Baltic Metal Division.

For NEWZ head to www.facebook.com/BalticMetalDivision



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