ANTAGONIST ZERO (FI)/HEAVEN GREY (LV) – tour organisation, management
UNEARTHLY (BR) – show promotion
(RU) – show promotion
WITCHES OF DOOM (IT) – promotion/ tour management


BLAAKYUM (LB) – promotion/tour organisation & management
ALCEST/ THE FAUNS/ HEXVESSEL (FR, UK, FI) – show promotion
ORPHANED LAND (IL) – show promotion
AWAKENING SUN (LT) – tour management-Latvia
Vorvaň (RU) – tour management-Latvia


NEGURĂ BUNGET (RO) – tour organisation & management/promotion/shadow promotion

DIN BRAD (RO) – tour organisation & management/promotion/shadow promotion

NEPHALOKIA (FR) – booking/tour management/promotion/shadow promotion

ATLANTIS CHRONICLES (FR) – booking/tour management/promotion/shadow promotion

SCARLET CLAW (NL) – promotion + tour organisation & management LV/LT

SCARAB (EG) – promotion

LORD VOLTURE (NL) – booking

HAMMERJACK (UK) – booking

ECHOTIME (IT) – show management + promotion

GENGISKHAN (IT) – show management + promotion

DYST (NO) – booking/tour management/promotion

VOID OF SENSE (NO) – booking/tour management/promotion

KLOGR (IT) – booking/show management/promotion

TIMECUT (IT) – booking/show management/promotion

WICKED SIDE (PL) – booking/show management/promotion

CLARK KENT (FI) – booking/show management/promotion

THIS FUCKING WORLD (FI) – booking/show management/promotion

BLUEINTHEFACE (FI) – booking/show management/promotion

ENDNAME (RU) – booking/show management/promotion

COSMONAUTS DAY (RU) – booking/show management/promotion

DEFORMITY (RU) – promotion

FREE AT LAST (RU) – promotion


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