Recently we have been really slow in our pages. Reason – we`ve just finished our 1st part of Finnish tour with HEAVEN GREY, ANTAGONIST ZERO, RED MOON ARCHITECT & VORNA in Helsinki. At some point we thought we gonna make open air show on highway just near broken bus, but as miracles tend to happen, show in Helsinki happened on time & all was grrreat, even getting lost in Finland… Details of that trip are here:


Some wall at Semifinal will always remember Latvia. Thanx to fans there!


This week we dreamed big – Moonspell, Onslaught, Dark Tranquillity…while our Latvian girls hosted Hungarian Deathstruck on tour. What upcoming week holds for Baltic Metal? Check out here!
Day-offing with Deathstruck








Important update for Romanian & Czech Republic bands who want to tour in Baltics. Get better deals and special offers from us @ our representative organisations in your area:
Romania – BloodLust Booking
Czech Republic – Black Cloud Picture
Details will follow!

+ We have own graphic designer on board – custom made artwork for individual prices. Request artist`s portfolio @ balticmetaldivision@inbox.lv

P.S. Yesterday HammerJack & Lord Volture completely blasted and conquered Riga, we`ve never before seen that foreign and young band manages to turn fully-packed club into mosh-pit in their first ever show in Latvia. These guys fckn slay!


Just have finished our Baltic tour with Negură Bunget – that was helly good journey! Thanx to every Metalhead who came and supported band! Vilnius – you were the craziest crowd ever \m/ Pictures and reviews are here:
We`re back on the road – to bring you exotic LEBANON!
And, we`re preparing to greet new crew member – graphic designer.
Thanx to all for support & keep Metal alive \m/


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